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Welcome to life without compromise.

Yarrbat Place is owned and operated by Pinnacle Living, a family
business that’s been running premium retirement villages since 2004.

Based in Melbourne ourselves, we’ve built our company around the
principle of bringing retirement to life, which means we focus on you.

Everything we do is about making your retirement as enjoyable and
fulfilling as it can be, and we do that in different ways in each of our villages.

Bringing retirement to life in Yarrbat Place means creating an
elegant retreat in a peaceful sanctuary that’s close to the city.

In Bellarine Springs we embrace the beauty of living by the sea,
and at Tudor Village we’ve created a warm home amongst friends.

We pride ourselves on creating and managing vibrant retirement communities built to the highest standards. Our homes are all architecturally designed, full of luxurious fixtures that deliver the utmost in comfort, security and privacy.

You’ll get to know our staff well, and value their friendly nature as they run the village without missing a beat. If anything needs attending to, or could do with improvement just let us know, and we’ll take care of it.

We’re simply focussed on you, and bringing your retirement to life in the best way possible.
That’s our true measure of success.
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